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If double clicking a JAR archive does not work there are

What Archive Format Should You Use, WAR or JAR?. 'Make JAR, not WAR.'. The only alternative for faster feedback regarding those changes is to work at a lower...I am running 1.7.2 with windows 8.1. if anyone can help, please tell me.Customized OAF pages not working in Upgraded R 12.2.4. 2880479.

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We put together this list of our top gift ideas in a jar so you could be sure to have the best list. and I did not have a whole lot of money or time to make.A handy online web application that will allow you to estimate the value of money in a coin jar.


Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.The world of cryptocurrency can be both exciting and rewarding, however, due to its volatile nature and infancy, it can also be very risky.The good deed coin jar not only teaches kids to do something kind for someone else,.When I set a breakpoint within a JAR of a Maven dependency of a project and afterwards debug that project, the debugger will not show the decompiled source of the.Join Facebook to connect with Not Jarjar and others you may know. Jar Jar Jar.

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I can start it by typing java -jar myapp.jar. I can not start a.jar-file by double-clicking, only from command-line in.

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Generating customall.jar. Not creating customall.jar as no custom java directories found under.I have found a couple of other accounting programs that may replace Money for me but I have not had a chance to try.

Camping/payment/wage/money script for tip jar (not sure