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The ICO Watch List is the place for crypto and initial coin offering investors.The CEO of TRON (TRX) announced that OTCBTC would support the TRON Blockchain upgrade and token migration.AdToken (ADT) Mining Calculator will help you to determine how much Profit your AdToken mining rig.

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The listing coincides with the addition of AdToken (ADT) and.Altcoins have their own Blockchain to run on while the tokens use the.The adToken Lunarscape is a complete overview and project timeline for launching the adChain.Blockchain is the technology which powers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.MetaX Develops Ads.txt Plus, Powered by adChain and adToken (ADT).

Gabrotech has created a platform based on Blockchain, which easily tracks and verifies the number of tokens being traded or used.Combining Blockchain and Virtual Reality. (TCR) in production where adToken (ADT) holders curate a.Powered by Master The Crypto Close Overview Contentbox is a decentralized, open-source blockchain-based infrastructure aimed towards the digital content industry.

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Buy Now Cryptomaniac at 05:14 am June 24, 2018 0 Prochain is creating a transparent and simplified ad tracking system that will allow advertisers skip the traditional.All about the AdToken ICO and the ADT Token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Speakers from trailblazing companies in the field of blockchain as well as adopters of these. and go to market including the adChain and adToken dApps.

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It allows a community of participants in that blockchain instance to control a whitelist of quality,.More recently, firms like IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture have been exploring the use of blockchain to improve inventory and logistics management.

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Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin,. it can be used as “a base to offer a decentralized repository of domains accredited by adToken holders.”.

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AdChain is a registry of online publishers hoping to eliminate fraud as it relates to digital advertising.This project consists of a series of interoperable open protocols based on the public Ethereum blockchain.

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Every initiative that uses blockchain technology aims to transform the everyday world somehow.

Basic Attention Token is a blockchain-based digital advertising project aiming at a wider.Some applications are expected to be more successful when achieving.


Speakers from trailblazing companies in the field of blockchain as well as adopters of these solutions. and go to market including the adChain and adToken dApps.Whereas cryptocurrencies have grabbed world headlines, the know-how underlying them, Blockchain, seems to be figuring out marke.

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CROM is the first real-world application of blockchain technology for the performance advertising industry.Powered by adChain and adToken. a blockchain technology company driving development and adoption of open platforms for digital.Learn all there is to know about the AdToken initial coin offering.If you ever wondered what is an ERC20 Token, and how can you check if.Exclusive analysis of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, including rating of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), trade recommendations, Stocks, Forex.

Unlocking the Blockchain for Digital Advertising. adToken Holders are directly incentivized to maintain the integrity of the adChain Registry by keeping it free.The new blockchain based protocol for the advertising industry.

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It is an immortal, immutable, openly accessible ledger of all transactions.

You can get latest and important news about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.The blockchain is a technology which is helpful in maintaining open records or blocks between seller and buyer of cryptocurrency.